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Guilty Pleasure Movies That Are Actually Worth Watching

We’ve all got ‘em; films that are so bad they’re almost good. From cheesy rom coms to cringeworthy thrillers, everyone loves a movie that they’d never admit to having watched. Go ahead, we don’t judge… Magic Mike – 2012 Mike, aka Channing sexy Tatum, is desperate for money. By day, he does anything he can […]

Kids Films That Broke Us

Kids films are intense. We reckon some of our saddest memories have turned out to be fictional – apparently we weren’t actually there when Bambi’s mum got shot… Disney feature heavily in this list because they seem to have some kind of heartbreak quota. That, or every teardrop equates to another dollar in their pocket. […]

The Best Anti-Valentines Films

Forget Valentine’s Day, who needs it? Less Netflix and chill, more hot chicks who kill. We don’t want chocolate hearts, we want broken ones. Preferably with a side order of boiled rabbit. Fatal Attraction If we learned nothing else from this film, it’s always ask your date if they like bunnies. Also, if you cheat, […]

Films With Ultimate Friendship Goals

Bros before hoes, sisters before misters, junk before trunk, chicks before dicks… Boyfriends and girlfriends might come and go but your friends are for life. To celebrate pals everywhere, we’ll be watching our favourite mate movies. #squadgoals Nine to Five (1980) Who’s in it? Judy (Jane Fonda), Violet (Lily Tomlin) and Doralee (Dolly Parton) are […]

Boy Meets Girl, Boy Meets Boy, Girl Meets Girl

The 90s really smashed the rom-com genre out the park but, as it turns out, boy + girl, boy + boy or girl+ girl = great film, whatever the decade, whatever the gender. We all know, #LoveWins. Go and get your heart warmed by this lot. True Romance – 1993 Who’s loved up? Christian Slater […]

The Best Films That Were Books First

The book isn’t always better – alright, it usually is. But despite the odd car crash adaptation with important character changes, location swaps and sometimes even an entirely new ending, a lot of novels and short stories have had great films made out of them. Team RFC have compiled a list of some of the […]

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