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Kids Films That Broke Us

Kids films are intense. We reckon some of our saddest memories have turned out to be fictional – apparently we weren’t actually there when Bambi’s mum got shot… Disney feature heavily in this list because they seem to have some kind of heartbreak quota. That, or every teardrop equates to another dollar in their pocket. […]

Mothers From The Movies

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ve listed some of the most memorable mums from film. Some of them are risking their lives, others are a bit overbearing. Then there are the mamas who are terrorising, philandering and axe-wielding… Mrs George, Mean Girls Mrs G may be slightly desperate but she just wants to be one […]

Musical Movies of the 2000s

2016 was a big year for reinventing the old-school musical. La La Land, which was the 2017 Best Picture Academy Award winner for 90 seconds, attempted to bring brought the films of Fred and Ginger from the Golden Era to the generation of Snapchat and selfies, but did we even need it? They might be […]

18 Films That Will Make You Want To Travel

There aren’t many times that we’re not dreaming of being somewhere else in the world, exploring new streets and soaking up different cultures, especially when we’ve got eyes on a film that’s set amongst beautiful scenery. These films, in particular, get us bitten by the travel bug. We’re filled with wanderlust just thinking about it. […]

22 Quotes From Badass Women

Because they’re total goals, we’ve rounded up the quotes of some of our favourite actresses. Whether they’re speaking up about equality, beauty or the gender pay gap, these ladies are fighting the good fight.   1. Viola Davis   2. Emma Watson   3. Amy Poehler     4. Helen Mirren   5. Lupita Nyong’o   […]

A Sequel Too Far? 14 Sequels That Are The Absolute Worst

If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. If at first you do succeed, put the pen down, mate, the second one won’t be as good. They can’t all be winners and sequels do, sometimes unfairly, get a bad rep – but these ones deserve it. Here are the films that […]

Awards Season 2017: Who Won What?

It’s all over for awards season and between ‘vanilla’ ceremonies, predictable winners and a tiny error with some envelopes, it’s been a busy one. Here’s a little rundown of which films won big. Golden Globe Winners   Best Drama Motion Picture Who won? Moonlight Who’s involved? Barry Jenkins directs and Trevante Rhodes, Mahershala Ali, Naomie […]