22 Quotes From Badass Women

Because they’re total goals, we’ve rounded up the quotes of some of our favourite actresses. Whether they’re speaking up about equality, beauty or the gender pay gap, these ladies are fighting the good fight.


1. Viola Davis

IWD Viola Davis fit


2. Emma Watson

IWD Emma Watson


3. Amy Poehler

IWD Amy Poehler



4. Helen Mirren

IWD Helen Mirren


5. Lupita Nyong’o

IWD Lupita Nyong'o


6. Julianne Moore

IWD Julianne Moore


7. Meryl Streep

IWD Meryl Streep


8. Rebel Wilson

IWD Rebel Wilson


9. Patricia Arquette

IWD Patricia Arquette


20. Tina Fey

IWD Tina Fey


11. Natalie Portman

IWD Natalie Portman


12. Taraji P. Henson

IWD Taraji P. Henson


13. Mindy Kaling

IWD Mindy Kaling fit


14. Kate Winslet

IWD Kate Winslet


15. Rose Byrne

IWD Rose Byrne


16. Salma Hayak

IWD Salma Hayak


17. Melissa McCarthy

IWD Melissa McCarthy


18. Kerry Washington

IWD Kerry Washington


19. Reese Witherspoon

IWD Reese Witherspoon


20. Laverne Cox

IWD Laverne Cox


21. Ruby Rose

IWD Ruby Rose


22. Janelle Monae

IWD Janelle Monae

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