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2019: The Year in Highlights

Last year we had 300 screenings, 5,827,014 smiles* (*approximate number of smiles) and 3 marriage proposals on our rooftops. This year the smiles got brighter, the films got more epic, and the marriage proposals got dog-ified.

Our 2019 season is over, and we will never forget it. We’ll literally be 409 years old still thinking about Summer 2019 (does it really have to be over? THAT’S NOT SWEAT ROLLING DOWN OUR CHEEKS – WE ACTUALLY ARE CRYING). It’s been a year full of ups and… yeah, mostly ups, and it’s all thanks to our supercalifragilisticexpialidocious guests (you get 10 brownie points if you read the whole word).

Before we start getting too sentimental we’ll dive right in – here are our favourite moments of 2019! If you missed out, you can sign up to our newsletter to be kept updated about all of our future events. We can’t wait to see you at one of our venues real soon!

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We C ice-cream!

Y’know what’s sweeter than the sweetest sweets in this sweet universe? Complimentary ice-cream. Our headline sponsors extrême really made this summer ice-cream filled and scream-worthy with their offering of complimentary ice-cream at selected screenings. We’re talking Mocha, Salted Caramel and White Chocolate, Gooey Chocolate Fudge, and Fresh and Fruity Raspberry with Double Cream. You can catch us on our rooftop mid-December still eating these – they were borderline addictive. 

Who run the world? Dogs!

If you didn’t know our Bussey Building venue is dog-friendly by now… where have you been? We believe that #LOVEWINS and also that #DOGSWIN when it comes to our heart, so why not bring it all together? 

This summer we held a Wooftop Wedding for the world’s happiest dog-couple since Lady and the Tramp. There were flowers, speeches, smooches, and most importantly of all – pawsecco and belly rubs.

Z is for eughhhh-brains-eughhh

Right after dogs, our second most favourite visitors have been zombies. We’ve been trying to find the Nicholas Hoult kind, but we guess that’ll have to wait for next year. We hosted a special screening for the 10th anniversary of Zombieland with our brain-eating friends roaming Roof East. It made for some killer entertainment.

Our zom-bae friends also helped out at our screening of Train to Busan when we were running kinda low on staff. They dished out drinks, popcorn, and helped guests to their seats. The top-notch customer service had us drooling… mmm.. brains…

Hyping up hip-hop

We said the hip, the hop, the hippy to the hippy! We embraced one of the most vibrant music genres in the known universe for a whole month. With screenings such as Straight Outta Compton, 8 Mile, and House Party, we had our guests spinning on their head (in a good way) with Reprezent DJs and DJ Bobafatt supplying the tunes and Noesisx hip-hop dancers supplying the grooves. We also got our guests flexing their tongue technology with pro beatboxer Beatfox. It was lit.

Shake your pom-poms!

Our dance vibes didn’t stop at hip-hop. We got The London Cheerleaders on our rooftop for a special screening of Bring It On. Basically everyone walked away being able to do the splits perfectly and with a new career as a hype-person. GIVE US AN R, GIVE US AN O, GIVE US ANOTHER O-kay, this will get long. You get the picture.

Rooftop screenings are the best screenings. FOMO? Never heard of it.

Our guests got their Q’s A’s on our rooftop with our special screening of Untogether. Writer, director, and queen, Emma Forrest gave us all the juicy deets before our screening of her brand new film. This was followed by an awesome preview of The Souvenir with Little White Lies! We couldn’t be more honoured. Our rooftop was truly #blessed in 2019.

We don’t need a roof over our head, but some people do…

We’ve saved the best memory for last. For just £1 guests purchased a love lock for and attached it to our big red heart at Roof East to help us celebrate all kinds of #RooftopRomance this summer! 

All of you rooftoppers who opened up your big hearts raised over £2,000! We were so amazed by your enthusiasm to the cause, that we’ll be DOUBLING that amount. All proceeds go to Shelter to help end homelessness and bad housing in the UK because we don’t need a roof over our heads, but some people do.


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