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23 Reasons Why Rooftops Are The Best

1.Those views. Standing on a rooftop means you can see for actual miles.

2. Height gains. Especially important for short people who don’t know what it’s like to see over the heads of others…

3. Loads of cool space-saving shit happens on rooftops in big, built up cities because there’s nowhere left on ground level. We’re talking gardens, beekeeping, veg patches, and most importantly, bars.

4. You can probably see your house/workplace/mate’s house and it’ll make you feel like you’re in some mega realistic Google Map.

new look

5. Sunsets and sunrises will literally never look better than from the top of a roof.

6. If you have to climb a load of stairs to get up there, there’ll be some kind of view-based reward and you can tell yourself that you don’t have to go to the gym for another week.

7. So. Much. ‘Gramming. Potential.

8.The greatest movie scenes were filmed on the top of roofs; just look at Mary Poppins’ chimney sweep dance, Bond’s Istanbul motorbike chase, King Kong’s accidental hostage situation and The Hangover’s pre-shit-hitting-the-fan Jager shots.


Mary Poppins Rooftop

9. No one ever said ‘shout it from the ground floor’.

10. Or ‘raise the underground’.

11. But they do say ‘keep it on the down-low’, which is never a good thing.

12. Extra special rooftops have extra special things on them, like games and drinking terraces. The ones with cinemas on are even better… (#humblebrag)


13. They’re the perfect spot for first dates because if you run out of chat, you can just spout on about the views until they tell you to shut up/kiss you to make you stop/run away.

14. It’s like being given a microscope over the city. You’ll spot buildings you want to visit, green spaces you want to roll around in and other rooftops you want to love life from.

15. The higher you are, the more cool points you’ll earn. “We had to climb one flight of stairs” wows no-one, but four is pretty impressive.

16. You’ll be able to face your fears up there if your fears are heights or rooftops.


17. Mariah Carey and other famous cray people basically live on rooftops.

18. The Beatles played their last ever gig on the rooftop of Apple HQ in 1969.

19. Some rooftops have yoga sessions on them which is basically the most zen thing ever.

20. The first ever rooftop roller disco is up at Roof East in Stratford.

Rollers 6

21. So are London’s first ever rooftop batting cages.

22. And London’s first hip hop-inspired bowls experience  and the city’s favourite sky high crazy golf course too.

23. But most importantly, a very carefully chosen selection of old school classics, cult favourites and recent releases will be screened on the rooftops of Peckham’s Bussey Building, Stratford’s Roof East, Kensington’s Roof Gardens and Hoxton’s Queen of Hoxton throughout summer and if you’re not up there then you’ll regret it forever.

Our first screenings kick off from 4th May with a rooftop-inspired line up to take us through the first week ahead of a summer of greats.

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