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A-MAY-ZING: Our May Top Picks

Summer 2019 is back with one purpose: to be amazeballs. We’ll be kicking off this season with awesome award winners, crazily cool cult films, and unbelievably unmissable screenings! Enjoy our season of glorious sunsets, poppin’ popcorn, and delicious drinks coming out the wazoo.  

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Bohemian Rhapsody


You’ve heard of Live Aid, you’ve heard of Freddie Mercury, you’ve heard of Rami Malek… but have you heard of the flying unicorns wearing fake moustaches swooping down to massage your shoulders? ‘Cause that what this epic film feels like. Follow Queen during the build-up to Live Aid in every glorious little moment.

Why you should watch it on our rooftop:

Concept: Every member of the audience clapping to We Will Rock you in sync. Also, Live Aid was outdoors. Our rooftop cinema is outdoors. It’s basically the same. #Logic.

We’re bringing Freddie to you on May 24th at Bussey Building and 28th May at Queen of Hoxton complete with sing-a-long versions on May 1st at Roof East and May 11th at Bussey Building

Spider-man: Into the spider-verse


Peter Parker has croaked (or whatever sound spiders make) so awkward AF Miles has some pretty flexible shoes to fill. He’s about to save not just one, but, like, EVERY dimension. Animation is back with a vengeance, ready to prove that maybe not everything is better in live action…

Why you should watch it on our rooftop:

With a star-filled sky and the incredible London skyline as your backdrop, it will feel like you’re watching Miles save the world in real life.

Catch a spider on our rooftop on May 7th at Bussey Building and 22nd May at Roof East

The Greatest Showman


Say ‘Hell Naw!’ to the ordinary and ‘Yee Haw!’ to the weird and wonderful. Based on the king of clowns and entertainment, Hugh Jackman (who has spent his whole career wanting to sing and dance, apparently) is ready to give ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle –- but are you ready to take it?!

Why you should watch it on our rooftop:

Grab your bestie, your mum, your dog and your boss — it’s the perfect excuse for the perfect night out. Drink something delicious, eat something scrumptious, and feel the rhythm and sense of wonder. Not enough? We have a [Hard of Hearing] screening coming your way this May!

Watch the show on the 7th May at Queen of Hoxton, 14th May at Roof East, and 25th May at Bussey Building,  and enjoy our Hard of Hearing screening on the 23rd of May at Roof East.


Get out your butterfly clips, the 90s are back. Kinda. We’re bringing you She’s All That to Roof East on the 15th of May (zero-to-hero transformations are always a classic), Bend it like Beckham on the 29th of May at Bussey Building (because she’s not Lebanese, she’s Punjabi, thanks very much), Cruel Intentions on the 11th of May at Roof East (but we swear we’re just here for the music lessons…), Pulp Fiction on the 1st of May at Bussey Building (‘cause we’re a BAD MOTHAFU*A), Romeo + Juliet  (if you say you’ve never been in love with Romeo Leo you’re a liar), Pretty Woman and Notting Hill (we’re STILL trying to figure out how she got her hair like that), Leon: The Professional on the 28th of May at Roof East (because plants are friends, not food), True Romance on the 16th of May at Roof East (we’re running out of reasons, but just trust us, ok?), 10 Things I Hate About You (EXCEPT THAT SHE DOESN’T HATE HIM. NOT EVEN A LITTLE. NOT EVEN AT ALL.), Spice World on the 17th of May at Roof East (SLAM IT TO THE LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT, IN, OUT, oooOOOH HOKEY-POKEY) and Clueless on the 29th of May at Roof East (officially out of ideas).

Why you should watch it on our rooftop:

The sheer amount of effort we put into that should be reason enough, tbh…

The Favourite


If you spend all day wishing you were holed up in Buckingham Palace living off the cash of your loyal subjects who literally have no choice in the matter, you’re probably about to change your mind. All the Queen wants is to enjoy her life with her rabbits and ducks (relatable) but everyone is conspiring against her and nobody is honest ever.

Why you should watch it on our rooftop:

It’s your chance to catch the Oscar winner in a way nobody has before – surrounded by stars on a London rooftop.

Raise in status on the 5th of May at Bussey Building

A Star is Born


From 0 to Hero, and who’d’a’thunk?! Here’s a hero who can please the crowd… come on everybody shout out loud! Lady Gaga is giving us a million reasons to love this remake of a story about a woman who was born this way and thanks to the help of Bradley Cooper she’s on the edge of glory.

Why you should watch it on our rooftop:

Get ready to give it a round of applause — you and the lucky people who share this experience with will never be shallow again. You’ll be left speechless and promising to never love another film again. Poker face.

Chase your dreams on the 2nd of May at Roof East, the 28th of May at Bussey Building and the 27th of May at Queen of Hoxton.

Raging Bull


It’s more intense than trying to suppress a cough in a library. A boxer’s world is turned upside down when he falls in love with a true queen, he suddenly has to relearn emotions and discover who he is again. Without letting it get in the way of his career. #Drama

Why you should watch it on our rooftop:

If you’re a lover of thrills and feeling your heart pounding while clinging to those dear to you, this classic is the perfect choice.

Stay above the belt on the 2nd of May at Bussey Building.



Everything looks better underwater: fact. Aquaman looks good everywhere: also fact. We’ve got a super hunky, mega scaley, extra glowy, insanely fishy hero coming to save our rooftops. We’ll be heading under da sea, where the seaweed is greener. Seriously. What more is you looking for?

Why you should watch it on our rooftop:

‘Cause water has many shapes. If you’re not watching Aquaman on the big screen, you’re watching it wrong.

Take a dip on the 4th of May at Bussey Building, the 20th of May at Queen of Hoxton, and the 24th of May at Roof East