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Brexit Goes To Hollywood

So we’ve reached June in the UK and – whisper it lest it disappears – the sun has arrived. But for once it’s not the weather that has water coolers in offices all around the country atwitter; it’s our upcoming EU Referendum. It’s a big ol’ decision, not helped with one of Britain’s less dynamic duos on the frontline. Team Dave or Team Boris? Crikey. If only there were some more charismatic thought leaders to guide the Great British Public in its choice. Which got us thinking: if the decision were put to some of our biggest movie stars, where would their allegiance lie? *


Meryl Streep

giphy (10)

With English, German and Swiss ancestry, film royalty Meryl is probably sitting on the proverbial border control fence. Meryl’s Choice, if you will. But since the devil wears Prada, not Calvin Klein, we like to think she’s a Europhile at heart.

Verdict: IN


Nicholas Cage 

giphy (11)

Remember when star of “National Treasure” Nicholas Cage was served a $6million bill for unpaid taxes back in 2009? Oh, the irony. We imagine the out-there actor has found a new accountant by now, but just in case, maybe he’d be best to back a Brexit and duck the EU’s new efforts to crack down on tax dodgers.

Verdict: OUT


Jennifer Lawrence 

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Ah, Jennifer. We love her goofy ways. But we reckon she might vote to leave the EU so all that money can go back into the NHS sorting her out when she stacks it at award ceremonies.

Verdict: OUT


Bill Murray 

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Heard the one about Bill Murray’s legendary party crashing? For a man that’s as famed for popping up to party in random places as he is his acting chops, surely the free flow of travel and multiple litres of Liebfraumilch across an open Europe would get his vote?

Verdict: IN


Brie Larson 

giphy (15)

California girl Brie probably sticks to a West Coast clean eating lifestyle but we bet she’d vote Bremain to defend the right to free trading of her namesake gooey Gallic snack. Tenuous? Probably. But as purveyors of guilty pleasure movies, we know the value of good cheese when we see it.

Verdict: IN


Shia LeBeouf 

giphy (16)

Everyone’s favourite idiot Shia LeBeouf is known for ridiculous moments in the public eye so he’d likely side with the UK’s most famous buffoon, Boris. Prone to an ill-thought-out stunt, we think Shia’s a perfect candidate for an impulsive Brexit. In the (thanks to YouTube) immortal words of the man himself: JUST DO IT!

Verdict: OUT


Tom Cruise 

giphy (17)

Tinseltown’s resident Action Man really ought to vote OUT. Need we say more?

Verdict: OUT


Leonardo DiCaprio 

giphy (18)

If Leo’s gallant Oscar efforts are anything to go by, he’s not one to give up easily. Like a dog with a (shiny gold) bone, we think he’d prefer to put as much effort into reforming the EU from the inside, not least out of his, ahem, loyalty to European supermodels.

Verdict: IN


Whoopi Goldberg

giphy (19)

Whoopi won her Oscar for playing a con-artist/psychic unwittingly mixed up in the dark world of crime (and a spot of poltergeist pottery) before going on to play a nun on the run from a mobster gang. With that kind of underworld experience, surely the tighter criminal control of a sovereign nation would appeal?

Verdict: OUT


On July 1st we’ll be hosting a special EU Rooftop Referendum screening at the Bussey Building, Peckham with the film being a complete secret until the opening credits. Tickets available now!


Team RFC

*We would like to state that these are the speculative views of Team RFC, we are unaware of which way any of these Hollywood stars would swing. Except maybe Tom Cruise.