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Everyone’s Fave Movie-starring Musicians

Some people are a double threat with both a wicked voice and mad acting skills. Some musicians have hit the big screen with massive success. Others, like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, at least do their best. Here’s our favourites.

Dolly Parton

And weeeee will aaalways love heer. We don’t know how she gets so much done during the working 9-5 day when the rest of the world spends at least 4 hours sat at their desk eating. With over 40 albums to date music is her main love but her forays into film have included Nine to Five and The Best Little Whorehouse, both of which earned her Golden Globe Best Actress nominations. Also, hair. #GirlBoss

dolly parton

Will Smith

In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days. Will Smith didn’t have to cuss in his raps to sell records (but Eminem does, so f*ck him and f*ck you too). Leaving Jazz behind to be get chucked out of Bel Air mansions, Will started to show his serious side in 1993 when he played a young con artist in Six Degrees of Separation. Leading roles in some huge films have followed including Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness and Seven Pounds. We’ve been crying ever since.

Will Smith Pursuit

Elvis Presley

He might be the King of Rock n’ Roll but after Love Me Tender Elvis got a bit addicted to acting and made over 30 films… with most receiving very poor reviews… but that didn’t stop people from camping outside of his hotel, so. Whether he managed to distract any critics with dem hips is yet to be confirmed. #ShakeWhatYoMamaGaveYou


Whitney Houston

Alright, we all know there’s only one Whitney film worth talking about and it’s not Cinderella. It’s The Bodyguard, obvs, a pop star with a new bodyguard who’s just a bit intense. #ChillOutMate It’s a great film but we’re here for the soundtrack.

whitney houston

 Jennifer Hudson

We’ll never forget her in Dreamgirls, in which she totes upstages Queen B (but you didn’t hear that from us). She won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress after wowing audiences with her kickass vocals. You go, gurl. Following the huge role, she starred in her most important movie yet – as Miss Nana Noodleman in Sing.


Barbra Streisand

The woman who redefined beauty. Starting a long, successful film career in 1968, Barbra’s one of the few entertainers who has received Oscar nominations for Best Picture (The Prince of Tides – directed by her), Best Song (A Star is Born) AND Best Actress (Funny Girl and The Way We Were). Go Barbs!  Love you, boo. #Inspirational


Frank Sinatra

Ol’ Blue Eyes may have struggled to get cast as anyone other than Frank Sinatra (not that we mind), but when he did, he smashed it. It’s a name that everyone knows, even if they don’t know the guy behind it. Frank, beautiful, talented, the man of our dreams. *sigh*


Justin Timberlake

JT (not to be confused with JB) is no longer the man we knew from NSYNC (it’s gonna be MAY) but, instead, he’s dark, grimy and almost always shirtless in films such as Alpha Dogs and Southland. Any  Timber-doubters were silenced after his role in The Social Network… but we’re pretty sure dry humping Cameron Diaz was the REAL turning point.



It wasn’t until ‘Yonce came to the big screen as Deena in Dreamgirls that she was allowed to add ‘actor’ to her CV. She’s been in a lot of crummy films, but never once has it been her fault, okay? She can do no wrong. Besides, after ‘Lemonade’ she can pretty much do whatever she wants. (Also, we’re all pretty scared of her after Obsessed)


Ice Cube

From rapper to actor/screenwriter/producer/director (*deep breath*), Ice Cube was unforgettable in Boyz n the Hood, 22 Jump Street, Straight Outta Compton aaaand family fave ‘Are We There Yet’ (Well, are we?)



We’re just going to pretend that Burlesque didn’t even happen. Some of her greatest films include Moonstruck, Silkwood and, obvs, Mask – not the greenface Carrey version (although she would’ve been magical in that too) but the 1985 drama about a child born with a very rare bone disorder – her performance in this is hard to handle, tbh. Someone get us the box of tissues.


David Bowie

Few could pull off aliens, vampires AND goblin kings as well as Bowie, who smashed it time and time again. From The Man Who Fell to Earth to Labyrinth to Basquiat, he never let us down. Bowie, the emotional, well-loved, all-round perfect entertainer.



She might be the Queen of Pop but Madonna’s film exploits have been pretty hit and miss. W.E. and Who’s That Girl are just two examples of massive Madge flops but don’t cry for her, Argentina. We forgave her after Evita, the film that earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress. Yaas queen.



Don’t be fooled into believing that the Real Slim Shady is only about guessing who’s back, Marshall Mathers has been throwing himself at the film industry since 8 Mile (not to be confused with Green Mile, two very, VERY different movies). He’s actually made it into very few movies but his ‘in development’ horror film Shady Talez could be as huge as the decision to name a film Shady Talez. (Oh, Slim, what were you thinking?)