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Fabulous screenings: The top movies in LA April & May

Guess who’s back?! Back again?!  Rooftop’s back… tell a friend! Guess who’s back… guess who’s back… guess who- okay, we’re done. (-‘s back.) LA, we’ve missed you. To celebrate our return to not just one, but TWO glorious rooftops, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite screenings in April and May. To make it easier for you to choose. You’re welcome.



Why you should watch it:

Firstly, there’s a dog in it.

Secondly,  if you’re looking to spice up your life with something new, exciting, and different, we’ve got just the thing on our rooftop. We asked our  programmer what he thought and he literally said that “Pixar showed that they can flawlessly blend their famous skill for storytelling, with a desire to shine a light on magical characters and adventure.” Unfortunately, there was basically no way to make that funny, so here we are.

Best quote:

I have to sing! I have to play! The music, it’s not just in me, it is me!”

Let the music give you life only at LEVEL on the 18th of April and the 19th of May

Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth

Why you should watch it:

Celebrate Mexican filmmaking at its finest on our rooftop, with Guillermo Del Toro. Pan’s Labyrinth will probably change, uh, basically, everything you know about the fantasy genre. You’ll be taken on a journey under trees, through walls and under the floor, in a maze, and you’ll leave tingling. TINGLING.

Also, that one dude? Creepy AF. You know who we mean.

Best quote:

Hello. I am Princess Moanna, and I am not afraid of you.” (Yaas qween!)

Be transported on the 12th of May.

Girls Trip

girls trip

Why you should watch it:

Looking for a high quality girls’ night out? We’ve got it. Perfect cast. Perfect film. It’s prolly too funny for its own good, to be fair. You should probably prepare yourself for some hardcore laughter. Wear waterproof mascara. (#UsefulRooftopAdvice). If you feel like going on vacation with your gal pals while literally not leaving your chair, then this is the film for you. Let the fun begin.

Best quote:

“You gonna get at least two dicks this weekend!”

Feel only good vibes at LEVEL, May 15th.

La La Land

la la land

Why you should watch it:

Because the city of stars is literally shining just for you? Because Ryan Gosling dances and sings? Because it will refuel your determination to achieve your dream? UHHH… because it won the Oscar for best pic for all of 5 seconds?!

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to” has now been made an irrelevant quote. Thanks. Faith in everything that is pure has been restored.

Best quote:

“Here’s to the fools who dream.”

It may not be a sing-a-long, but nobody will judge you… April 13th at The Montalban and 18th May at LEVEL.



Why you should watch it:

This cinematic gem is coming to LEVEL and one thing’s for sure… you’ll float too. 2017 was the year everything we thought we knew about the horror genre changed, and if you think you’re not all that into horror (or, as we like to call it, #SpookyShit) then let us teach you otherwise. You’ll probably leave the cinema to go buy a whole load of balloons to hide behind for no reason other than the dramatic effect.

(Also, Pennywise is actually GORG in real life, so there’s that.)

Best quote:

Can only virgins see this stuff? Is that why I’m not seeing this shit?”

When you attend the screening of It on May 16th don’t forget to tag your selfies as #SpookyShit. It’s a new law. You just have to. Dems the rules.



Why you should watch it:

A Rooftop Cinema Club fave. Will we ever get tired of screening this? Probably not. But that’s only ‘cause you guys never get tired of seeing it. (We don’t blame you, tbh.) It’s high class romance set during the war in a mysterious city of sin and intrigue. Casablanca has easily become one of the most quotable films in film history.

Best quote:

“Oh, it’s a crazy world. Anything can happen.”


“Here’s looking at you, kid.”


“We’ll always have Paris.”

Cry on our rooftop at LEVEL, 24th May and The Montalban 2nd May.

I, Tonya

i, tonya

Why you should watch it:

If Margot Robbie and Sebastian Stan in one place isn’t enough for you, picture the dark side of ice-skating (that nobody ever thought to mention) as the most heartbreaking and emotional thing you’re prolly ever gonna witness. It’s intense and thrilling and did we mention intense?

Best quote:

“Suck my dick!” (the real Tonya literally said that although she didn’t actually say that, she wishes she did.)

Learn about a whole new world on the 4th of April at The Montalban and LEVEL May 1st.



Why you should watch it:

As part of our ‘Rooftop Cinema Club Discoveries’ mission, we’re here to introduce you to films you might not have seen or heard of before, but will for sure love. Come see Joseph Gordon-Levitt, from way-back-when 2005 (aw baby Joseph!), try to solve his girlfriend’s murder while we all try to solve the mystery of how to breathe with his face on the screen. From the hands of Rian Johnson (the director of The Last Jedi, in case you didn’t know…) Brick will blow your freakin’ MIND.

Best quote:

Maybe I’ll just sit here and bleed at you.”

Unravel the mystery of Brick, and discover a new favourite on May 31st.

Lady Bird

lady bird

Why you should watch it:

Mentioned as one of 25 films you HAVE to see in your lifetime, while seeing women kick ass and rule the universe is basically everyone’s dream, it’s also fab as f*ck to see fragile, insecure, uncertain women find their way in this super weird world of ours. If you’re looking for someone to identify with and to make you feel less alone, this is the one, Rooftopper.

Best quote:

“Some people aren’t built happy, you know.”

Connect with your teenage self again on the 19th of April at LEVEL and 23rd of May at The Montalban.