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Heading South for Summer!

Us Rooftoppers have been breaking the mould since day one, so why would we start going with the flow now? We’re heading south for summer, straight to our Bussey Building venue in Peckham.

We’re thrilled to be rooftop neighbours with Bussey Rooftop Bar, the flower-tastic, colour-filled, sky-high rooftop bar sure to get you feeling those epic sunshiney vibes this summer. They’ll be serving you delicious pimped up street food with vegetarian and vegan options from RockaDollar, as well as specially curated cocktails for you to enjoy while watching unforgettable films in an unforgettable location.

Join us this May — this sun always shines on those who take things up a level!

Mary Poppins Returns

Did someone say #Throwback? We’ve been watching this on repeat… and not just because the outfits are cute (even though it helps). We’re all about having a good time, of which there are plenty in this sequel. Grab your friends and family for this unmissable blast from the past.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend trying to use your umbrella to help you fly. Leave it to the professionals.

Book while you can!

The Notebook

What do we love more than a glorious sunset over an amazing view of London’s skyline? Ryan Gosling’s face, obviously. He’s stealing hearts left, right, and centre. If you’re pining for someone to shove your nose into ice-cream (#Romantic) then grab the squad for a fun night out, or if you’ve found the bird to your bird, show them just how much they matter to you with a super cute date night.

Get romantic!

An American Werewolf in London

The iconic shapeshifter film to trump all shapeshifter films (apart from Shrek, tbh) is here. If it’s been your life-long goal to become a werewolf (relatable) then this is the one for you. Watch a backpacker’s life transform close to home, we swear it will fill you with pride. You’ll be singing Lily Allen in no time.

Catch it on a rooftop!

Bend it Like Beckham

Girls rule and boys drool and them’s da rules. Nah, we’re just kidding – everyone rules no matter what and THAT’S the tea. Sip it. It’s delicious. Keira Knightley is rocking a 90s cut in this awesome feature which will get you inspired to prove you can do anything and live a healthier life – both physically and emotionally. Don’t let anyone say you can’t do something, because they’re lying. (Unless they’re telling you that you can’t fly with an umbrella. That’s true.)

Get sporty!

Love, Simon

Swoonville is coming to Peckham. Get ready for the emotional rollercoaster that you’ve been waiting your whole life for. This mega cute rom-com (apart from when it makes you cry into your popcorn — that part ain’t so cute) will fill you with all the fluffy, fuzzy, awesome LGBT+ vibes you deserve.

Get ready for some serious gushing!

Dirty Dancing

We’ve always been #CrazyForSwayze, so it’s literally no surprise that the timeless Dirty Dancing is on the list of our absolute favourites in May. You’ll be dancing, laughing and singing while munchin’ on popcorn – and those are all things we fully support. Grab those close to you, those you miss, and those who just need to let loose and have a good time, because there’ll be plenty of good times on our rooftop this May!

Dance the night away!