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Ice Cream from the Rooftops

This summer of Rooftop Film Club screenings has been brought to you in partnership with extrême ice cream.

This summer, we’ve teamed up with extrême to offer ice cream and film buffs alike the chance to enjoy extrême in London’s best outdoor cinema experience: Rooftop Film Club, of course!

extrême cones feature a core of smooth sauce, enclosed in a layer of two ice cream flavours, and coated with a crisp wafer shell. The cones are then topped off with a spiral of velvety ice cream, an intense layer of thick sauce and crunchy biscuit pieces. Could we honestly ask for anything more?

During the summer we’ll be partnering up with extrême to create five exclusive nights of multi-sensory entertainment; guests can enjoy a mocha taste experience and complimentary extrême ice creams during our exclusive film screenings nights. Giving viewers the opportunity to explore new pleasures and sensations, making the most of every moment, and bite whilst viewing some of our much-loved films including:

Don’t miss out — view our programme and book your tickets here.

extrême is also available in three other delicious flavours: Salted Caramel and White Chocolate, Gooey Chocolate Fudge, and Fresh and Fruity Raspberry with Double Cream. Click here to discover extrême.