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Incredible screenings: May’s top movies in London

We’ve missed you London, and to prove it we’ve brought you only the very best of cinema. The downside? How the eff do you choose?!

We’ve compiled a list of our personal faves, to make your life easier… that’s how much we care.

Isle of Dogs

Why you should watch it:

The title alone should make you wanna watch it. The only thing missing from it is “Which You Can Pet” (maybe in the sequel…?) It’s literally everyone’s worst nightmare – dogs have been segregated due to a doggy-flu, and one little dude will stop at nothing to find his furry friend. We feel you, Atari. GO GET YOUR DOG. BRING HIM BACK SAFELY. WE’RE NOT CRYING.

Best quote:

“Laws can be wrong, and laws can be cruel, and the people who live only by the law are both wrong and cruel.”

Help us save a dog on the 31st of May, at Bussey Building.

Requiem for a Dream

Why you should watch it:

Yeah, that IS the dude from 30 Seconds to Mars and Suicide Squad. A singer and an actor. (The awkward moment when your only talent is sleeping.) You’ve definitely never seen drama like this before. The movie spirals so out of control it makes Romeo + Juliet seem tame.

Best quote:

“Oh, you don’t have to make anything, my sweet, you just have to love your mother.”

Say no to drugs on the 15th of May, at Queen of Hoxton.

The Shape of Water

Why you should watch it:

‘Cause there’s a LOT of memes about this movie and you definitely wanna be able to understand them. This Best Picture Oscar award winner will leave you feeling… things… It’s like Creature from the Black Lagoon if it was directed by John Hughes.

Best quote:

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love. It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.”

Find out what Cornflakes were REALLY invented for at Bussey Building, 11th May.

Good Time

Why you should watch it:

You’ll never look at a bottle of Sprite the same way again. As part of our Rooftop Discoveries mission, where we bring you all the best films you might not have seen, be thrown into a world of crime and brotherhood unlike any other. Robert Pattinson is here to remind you that Twilight was a blip in his timeline and that you should GET OVER IT. Thanks.

Best quote:

I think something very important is happening and it’s deeply connected to my purpose. It’s important.”

Have a Good Time on a rooftop on 30th of May, Queen of Hoxton.

The Greatest Showman

Why you should watch it:

You thought Wolverine made you cry? You’re about to break down a whoole lotta walls with this one. A man rises from nothing to be an actual worldwide star. Celebrate 250 years of the circus by appreciating all the energy, creativity, and uniqueness injected into every performance.

Also, some top class songs. You’ll be singing for days.

Best quote:

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.”

Run away with the circus on 29th May at Bussey Building, and 16th May at Roof East.


Why you should watch it:

Why the heck shouldn’t you?! The military are back at it again, endangering lives and doing secret projects that result in someone in a gang becoming a raging psychopath (not to mention a psychic) and obviously the ONLY people who can stop him are, like, teenagers. And a group of psychics.

There’s two types of people: People who feel like going out and getting a motorbike after watching this movie, and people who simply appreciate that his outfit matches it.

Best quote:

“The future is not a straight line. It is filled with many crossroads. There must be a future that we can choose for ourselves.”

Choose a future on the 18th of May, at Roof East.

Black Panther

Why you should watch it:

Not only will it give you life, but it will water your crops, clear your skin, and do all your laundry for you. It’s breaking records all over the world and we’d be effing crazy to not show our #WakandaForever love! Also, can we have five Shuri’s, please? Thanks.

Best quote:

“I will not abandon someone to die, when I have the means to save his life.”

Discover why T’Challa has his toes out in Shuri’s lab on 5th May at Bussey Building, and 17th May at Bussey Building.


Why you should watch it:

Float up to our rooftop, where even if you THINK you’re not all that into horror, you’ll for sure be proven wrong. For sure. As soon as it’s over you’ll probably go buy a whole load of balloons to hide behind for no reason other than the #Drama. You may also start calling your squad The Losers’ Club, because everyone knows that collective self-degradation is the key to life.

Best quote:

“It’s summer! We’re supposed to be having fun! This isn’t fun, it’s scary and disgusting”

Spend your summer outrunning your darkest fears on 8th May at Roof East, and 29th May at Queen of Hoxton.