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Juiciest July Screenings: London

Eenie meenie miney mo, to which Rooftop Film Club screening should I go?! We can’t decide for you, but we sure can help you pick from our carefully chosen favourites, in no particular order…

World Cup of Cinema

This July we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We’re going full #WorldCup2018 in association with Mundial Mag. 32 countries and 32 movies – In Bruges VS OldBoy. We’ve placed our bets, but we have to ask the question… which movie will win? What will we be screening July 18th?

Find out more information HERE

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American Psycho

Why you should watch it:

He likes to dissect girls. Did you know he’s utterly insane? Something pretty evil this way comes (like, Pennywise would be scared). Patrick Bateman is ready to send chills down your spine and make you worry about whether or not your business card is nice enough (spoiler alert: it’s not).

Best quote:

“I know my, uh, behaviour can be… erratic sometimes.”

Watch the understatement of the century on the 12th of July at Roof East

Romeo + Juliet

Why you should watch it:

Maybe this time she’ll wake up?! Maybe this time the mailman won’t be 100% useless?! Maybe this time Leo will win an Oscar?! Maybe we won’t end up eating about three tubs of ice-cream and ruining our diet forever?! Maybe?! We don’t know why anyone would bother trying to do a remake for this. Like, the peak has been reached. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Best quote:

ALL OF THEM… but mostly “Did my heart love ‘till now? Forswear it, sight. For I never saw true beauty ‘till this night.”

Cry your heart out on July 12th, at Bussey Building

Deadpool 2

Why you should watch it:

Ryan Reynolds. Hello Kitty. Black Tom Cassidy. White Wade Wilson. X-hausting. We’re pretty sure Deadpool 2 needs no introduction, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, Deadpool is Batman and we’re not really sure how to pronounce Kristen Dunst’s name.

Best quote:

“So Dark! Are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?”

Question your morals on the rooftop of the Bussey Building, July 13th

Spice World

Why you should watch it:

Okay, this is NOT a drill, but we’ve got an entire weekend of musicals coming to our rooftop, and Spice World is only the beginning. We’re spicing up your life before giving you the greatest show, and we’ll be topping it all off by taking you to la la land.

You’re welcome.

Best quote:

Literally every song?! Thanks. #NowTHATSGirlPower

Slam it to the left on July 20th at Bussey Building

God’s Own Country

Why you should watch it:

Stonewall is here to let every LGBT person know they are not alone. This is our mega special #PrideUK2018 screening in association with Stonewall – we’re talking farm boys, emotional rollercoasters, passionate kissing that (let’s be real) probably hurt a little bit…

Best quote:

“it’s beautiful here… but lonely, no?”

Celebrate #20GayTeen at Bussey Building, 10th July.

Spirited Away

Why you should watch it:

The real question is why SHOULDN’T you watch it on a rooftop?! There’s a witch with a seriously huge head, fuzzy balls that are super helpful, and… a bunch of other stuff we can’t really explain. You’ll be seeing it in your dreams for a while.

Best quote:

“I wanna eat everything!” Same, No-Face. Same.

Go on an adventure on July 17th at Bussey Building

A Quiet Place

Why you should watch it:

Shh… don’t make a sound… they’ll hear you and rip you to shreds…

If you’re the type of person who likes to hear their heart literally pound against their chest until it breaks through and runs away, then this is totes the one for you. With our handy headphones and outdoor setting you’ll be way more immersed than anywhere else… you can also eat popcorn as loudly as you want, so there’s that.

Best quote:

‘I love you. I’ve always loved you.’ *INSERT SOBBING GIF HERE*

Get reaaal quiet at Bussey Building on the 1st of July or 14th of July

2001: A Space Odyssey

Why you should watch it:

From the director who helped fake the moon landing, we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary (but it doesn’t look a day over 33) of a movie with 2001 twists and turns. You’ll never trust Alexa or Siri again – JUST SWITCH THEM OFF WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

Best quote:

“Stop, Dave… Will you stop, Dave? Stop, Dave… I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave.”

Never trust technology again after July 31st at Bussey Building

Preview: Whitney

Why you should watch it:

We’re one of the lucky ones. We’re screening a special preview of Whitney Houston’s biopic. You’ve never seen Whitney Houston like this, and we’re giving you early access. You know her face, you know her voice, it’s time to learn her story. #WeLoveYouWhitney

Best quote:

“I wake up always exhausted from running.”

Discover more about a legend on the 4th of July at Bussey Building


Why you should watch it:

Is it ever a Rooftop Film Club season without a little Hitchcock? It’s Vertigo’s 60th anniversary and we’re dizzy from excitement. They really don’t make ‘em like this anymore… where’s all the movies about hiring a double to fake a death?! C’mon, now! Plot devices 101!

Best quote:

That’s the kind of greeting a girl likes! Not this ‘Hello, you look wonderful’ stuff, just a good straight ‘Who do you know that’s an authority on San Francisco history’.”

Uncover the truth on July 29th at Bussey Building