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Meryl Streep Sayings to Get You Through Life

(image above from Time magazine)

During her life, Meryl Streep has been a Polish Holocaust survivor, that one prime minister everyone hates (She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named), an international fashion icon, Mrs Fox (don’t ask) and literally so many more that this paragraph would be huge if we tried to include them all… but, basically, she gets around.

Here are things she said that make us love her even more:

“We think women’s history needs to be told.”

While being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, she explained why she donated her entire salary from “Iron Lady” to the Women’s History Museum.

When asked about the time she almost went to law school, Streep said she was in a play the night before and slept through the exam ‘cause she “went out with the boys.”

Name someone more iconic. We’ll wait.

“Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence. And when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.” – 2017 Golden Globes

She REALLY said that. Shudder, much?

“For young men, and women, too, what makes you different or weird, that’s your strength. Everyone tries to look a cookie-cutter kind of way, and actually the people who look different are the ones who get picked up. I used to hate my nose. Now, I don’t.”

This was about what she wanted young performers to keep in mind, but we’re pretty sure it applies to all of life’s situations.

“Everything that truly makes us happy is quite simple: love, sex, and food!”

Preach, girl. Preach!

“My mentor was my mother. She walked into a room and lit it up, and people were sad when she left. That, to me, is what really matters: who you touch and how.”

Remember that time Meryl Streep made us cry? Yeah. Us too.

“Take your heart to work, and ask the most and best of everybody else, too.”

Seriously, who let Meryl Streep be more impressive than a Jedi master? #Unfair

“When I was younger I was [someone who planned for the future], yes. I always thought about where the journey would take me, but now I don’t mind drifting along and finding myself in new situations. I like it, actually.”

So, basically, when life gives you lemons, make Meryl Streep a lemonade.

“Guard your good mood.”

Pretty sure this is a fortune cookie saying, but Meryl Streep said it first.

Can Meryl Streep just run for president of the world already? We’d vote for her.