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Movie Dance Scenes We All Know the Moves To

Whether they’re from highly choreographed movie musicals, or straight-up romcoms with some pretty hot steps thrown in, there are some films out there that give us a serious dancing itch. From Little Miss Sunshine’s Super Freak to Jena’s 13 Going On 30 Thriller recreation, these moves are so memorable that we just can’t help ourselves. Let’s quick-step over to our list of the scenes that make us wanna shake it like a Polaroid picture. And a 1 and a 2 and…

Dirty Dancing – The Leap

Okay, maybe a few (most) of us wouldn’t actually try this… y’know, just in case someone’s neck broke, but as soon as those first bars have kicked in, you’re definitely gonna be scanning the room for someone who looks like they can lift you up. Anyone who’s carried a watermelon or been left in a corner knows about that notorious run and leap into Swayze’s arms… if only we had a lake to practice in.

Need a reminder of that jump practice?

Flashdance – The Rain Dance

We’re not talking tribal dances here, but we are trying to conjure up some water. All you need for this one is a chair, a bucket of water, and some rope to pull off the infamous rain scene. Don’t forget the ‘fast steps’ manoeuvre when warming up your muscles! Who did it better, Jennifer Beals or Deadpool?

Refresh your memory on how to drench yourself:

Grease – Hand Jive

The hand jive was definitely a thing before Grease made it mainstream, but it’s likely that if you were born after 1955 Travolta and Newton-John taught you… pat pat, clap clap, flat hands flat hands, fist bump fist bump, thumb out thumb out. Let’s hit the dancefloor, stud, because you were born to hand jive.

But hey, it’s not a competition.

The Breakfast Club – The Twist & The Arm Men

Detention or not, there’s never a bad time for music and dancing in an 80s film. All you need to get this one right is a long table so you can shake your hips while you twist your feet from side to side. Feeling more of a group vibe? You’ll need two friends who aren’t afraid to show those guns off so you can perfect that ‘look at my muscles’ trio move. Sure-fire way to kill time at Saturday school.

A lil reminder on that foot swing and fresh arms if ya need it…

Pulp Fiction – The Knee Shakes

Legendary, much? The Travolta dance move that ISN’T from Saturday Night Fever or Grease. (That guy gets around.) You’ll need a glossy floor and some socks for this one, unless you’re doing the Mia Wallace, then you can go barefoot. Get on your toes, bend your knees, and swing those legs side to side. Milkshake optional.

Can’t remember exactly how it goes? Here’s how to ‘win that trophy’.

Risky Business – Sock Slide

Don’t pretend you don’t know this one. The requirements are simple: high socks, glossy floors, an oversized button-up shirt, and some good ol’ Bob Seger. This one is perfect to do at home – even better when nobody’s home so you don’t have to explain yourself… Be cautious with that slide though, one over-enthusiastic glide and you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of what the f*ck – sometimes, you gotta say it.

Just for double checking, right? Because you definitely know how it goes…

Pretty in Pink – Otis Impression

The main ingredient for this one is a whooole lotta energy, and a whole lotta personality. Be bold. Don’t hold back. If it looks like a demon is possessing you then you’re almost there. Go wild. Swing yourself around. Find some stairs, or it just isn’t the same…

Night at the Pretty in Roxbury – Headbob

What is love? Baby it’s that damn dance move that you can’t stop yourself doing whenever that Haddaway classic comes on. If you don’t know how it works, imagine trying to shake water out of one side of your ear. Et voila! – you’ve got the headbob down! Now just work it to the beat.

Thoroughly crack your neck in prep for this one, here… take it from the pros.

Footloose – THE Footloose Dance

This one is a straight-up routine! Your best bet is to watch the movie about five times (like you haven’t already), or just go onto YouTube and watch that scene over and over. Ain’t nobody got time for that? If you don’t already know the basic leg flicks then you’re not living. Nothing beats Kevin Bacon with some confetti.

Always a good rewatch.

Mean Girls – Jingle Bell Rock

Even if we don’t know the whole dance (unlike Regina’s not-a-regular mom…), we all know when that thigh slap hits. This sultry little routine has gone down in history, so whenever the festive classic comes on during Christmas – don’t be ashamed to ‘shake that thaaang’. So fetch.

Here’s the whole dance, so you can really get it down. Make sure to switch sides with Cady.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – The Tequila Dance

What’s the best way to make an impression at your local bar? Bust out those white chunky platform heels and red bowtie, and make your way to the tabletops, even if it takes some tequila to get you there. Bend those knees, throw your hands into fists, do the front bump & back bump, and you’re set! TEQUILA!

Don’t worry, the toe stand is for the pros. But here’s the whole dance anyway.