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An Open Letter To Sadiq Khan

Dear Sadiq,

Congrats on becoming Mayor Of London, bro!  You’re now in charge of the greatest city in the world. How does that feel? 

Something like this we imagine:


Then you probably realised what a big job you’ve got on your hands and we imagine you felt a little more like this:


As Londoners, we’re a pretty angry bunch – and rightly so. An average of 60% of our monthly salaries gets swallowed by rent, our transportation system is the most expensive in the world and it’s recently been revealed that we’re slowly killing ourselves just by breathing. 

It’s not going to be easy, Sadiq, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. 

But despite being perpetually ripped off by land barons, at the mercy of tube strikes and in possession of chesty coughs that just won’t disappear, everyone at RFC HQ loves this city. London is Rooftop Film Club’s home; this is where we started six years ago and it’s where we’ve learned all the lessons that are now taking Team RFC and our cinemas all over the world. 

When more people than ever came out and voted for you in this year’s mayoral election, it didn’t come as any surprise to us. We’ve seen first hand that London thrives on its diversity. 

Our guests in Muswell Hill got in touch and to tell us how much they love Bollywood films – so we held the first ever Bollywood Drive-In cinema. Peckham (an area in perpetual flux) was where we held our very first free community night to welcome the old and new generations of the area (we even helped an 86 year old man tackle the eight flights of stairs to the summit of the Bussey Building!). Learning what movies our audiences love and how that varies from Kensington to Stratford to Peckham and everywhere in between is what makes our job exciting. Diversity is what makes London exciting. 

So, here’s to you Sadiq – and London in all its magnificence! We’re so excited to see what you’ve got planned for us – particularly in your pursuit of supporting London’s night time economy (super relevant for us, we only come out after sunset…).

Best of luck and all the best,

Team RFC

P.S You can LEGIT see all of London from our Rooftops, so if you ever want to join us for a non-alcoholic mocktail and catch a film, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.