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Our Top 5 Batman Movies

Robert Pattinson is back with a batarang and is darkening screens as the brand new Batman. We’re MORE than ready. To celebrate the return of the caped crusader, we’re thinking back to the best Batman movies – from cartoons to live actions, from comedy to horror, Batman’s done it all. 

In no particular order…

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

This is our absolute favou- SIKE. Did we get you? No hate comments pls.

Here’s our actual top 5… for real this time…

1. The Dark Knight

About as iconic as you can get. Heath Ledger will forever be considered THE Joker. This sequel is action-packed and exciting, with barely enough time to catch your breath between scenes. You’ll be laughing, crying, on the edge of your seat and hiding behind your tub of popcorn with this one. It’s a serious ride.

2. The Killing Joke

We don’t talk about this enough. The Killing Joke is a super intense adaptation of the graphic novel. Not for those with a weak stomach, this thriller will probably give you nightmares. Don’t be fooled by the colourful animation, there is nothing fun about the amusement park you’re about to enter.

3. Batman Returns

Holy Tim Burton, Batman. Why was this movie even allowed to be made? It was one of the scariest things to come out of the 90s, right up there with denim on denim. Tim Burton heard ‘Dark Knight’ and ran with the ‘dark’. You’ll never look at Danny DeVito the same after seeing him embody Penguin, taking the character to a whole new traumatising level. Also, fun fact, Michelle Pfeiffer puts a LIVE bird in her mouth. Yeah. We know.

4. The LEGO Batman Movie

Hear us out, because the LEGO movies don’t miss. In terms of how enjoyable this was, it gets a 10000000/10 from us. It was hilarious, making fun of all the things we love about Batman in the best way possible. This funky, light-hearted take is a breath of fresh air from all the horrors and thrillers from every other Batman movie out there.

5. Batman: The Movie

Life was better when BAP! WHIP! BIFF! POW! Superhero movies just aren’t made like this anymore. If you’re looking to enjoy something pretty ridiculous, funny, easy-going, and not too loud or flashy, this is definitely the one for you. Good movies don’t have to be extra high-tech or take you on a deep emotional journey, sometimes they can just be entertaining. 60s Batman superiority.