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People’s Choice: Hugh Grant

The People Have Spoken

Hugh Grant is one of our fave British actors, he can make us cry, laugh, and fall in love. We’re also pretty sure he’s a vampire, ‘cause he barely aged a day. In honour of his birthday (if anyone asks, he’s turning 21) we let our wonderful rooftoppers tell us which of his films is their favourite, and we’re screening the winner! 

Here’s what you said…

In last place: Love Actually

Okay, we’re gonna pretend this is purely because it’s not Christmas. We’ll let you all off for putting this absolute CLASSIC last. If you haven’t seen it for some crazy reason, it follows 10 different stories that all intertwine. Some stories are romantic, some depressing, some… uh… unsuitable for those under 18. Grant plays the Prime Minister and we know who we’re voting for in the next election.

In 5th place: Bridget Jones’s Diary

We think it should be first place just for the scene above… but… Grant takes on the role of Heartthrob (like always) as Mr. Handsome Boss. Bridget is a relatable queen and this film is all about cute scenes, butterflies, and girl power. If the idea of two hunks fighting over you gets you going, this is definitely the film for you.

In 4th place: About a Boy

It’s pretty impossible to forget about this super touching flick. We join Grant’s character, Will, on his journey of becoming someone reliable and giving. He finds a family in an unexpected place and grows close to a young boy who reminds him what life is all about. Apparently people don’t think rooftops are a good place to sob your heart out – landing it in 4th place.

In 3rd place: The Gentleman

Hugh Grant definitely does NOT get overshadowed by dreamboats Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell AND Matthew McConaughey. We don’t know who was in charge of casting, but we do know that they deserve a raise. Grant is a private investigator who gets super deep into the world of assassins, KGB agents, and drug addicts. It’s a wild ride from start to finish, and has definitely earned its spot in top 3.

In 2nd place: Four Weddings and a Funeral

An unforgettable masterpiece – but that’s not quite enough to make it to #1. Grant plays Charles, a walking cautionary tale. Like, maybe don’t confess your love to a woman while helping her pick out her wedding dress for a wedding that isn’t yours? Just a thought, bro. The main funeral he attends is for his dignity.

The winner is… drum roll please…

Notting Hill! 

Super romantic, super cute and super-duper iconic. You’ve got good taste. This dreamy love story will have you camping out near bookshops hoping to find your soulmate. Our audience voted that this was THE Hugh Grant film to watch under the stars, with a delicious cocktail and fresh popcorn. Your wish is our command.

Screening at Bussey Building on the 2nd of September! You can book tickets HERE