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Pocahontas: Top 10 Best Bits

We love Pocahontas so much, that we thought you should enjoy it with us. We picked out the top 10 best scenes (including some bangers) in Pocahontas that made the film so amazing. In no particular order…

1. Colours of the Wind – Best song ever

“Come taste the sun sweet berries of the Earth, come roll in all the riches all around you, and for once neVER WONDER WHAT THEY’RE WORTH…” Soz… we got a bit carried away there. Can we just talk about how savage Pocahontas is?? #BRUTAL. She stuck it on John Smith about how the earth and everything on it shouldn’t have a price tag (it’s not about the money, money, money…) John, you just got schooled in the most beautiful way ever.

Fun fact:

“Colours of the Wind” was the first song written for the production, and helped define the tone and direction of the film. First song and BEST! Catch us singing along all day…

2. Pocahontas and John Smith bid farewell

You know that feeling when there’s a lump in your throat and you’re holding in your tears? Yeah, we got that when John Smith had to return to England for treatment. Pocahontas had us all saying “wingapo”… *sniffs* Just a sec, gotta get some tissues.

Fun fact:

This was the first Disney film that featured an interracial romance, and we’re all for it. Yaaas, look at Disney breaking cultural barriers.

3. When Pocahontas sneaks into John Smith’s tent

John said the most adorbs thing you could ever say to your partner. Like, where can we get our own John Smith?! When he was held as a prisoner in a tent, Pocahontas creeps in and tells him “It would’ve been better if we never met. None of this would’ve happened.” And his response just melted us all when he told Pocahontas: “I’d rather DIE tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.”  We’re not crying… it’s just hay fever. Bit dramatic, but it works.

Fun fact:

Can you believe every scene was written at least 35 times?? Well we can, they have perfected each scene so well, like, we can’t even find any flaws.

4. Savages – The song title is self explanatory tbh.

This is one of the songs that you love to sing along to, without actually realising what you’re saying. Savages was a nicely composed song about how the Native American Indians and the British see no other option but war. Each verse is from the opposing side, referring to each other as savages before they’re about to start beef. We were at the edge of our seats, watching Queen P. run to save John Smith’s life. But really and truly, we don’t care about the lyrics, we just enjoyed the tune… ’cause we’re all for positivity and love, not war. #InspiringHashtag

Fun fact:

The lyrics to savages were changed, due to some of the lyrics being a bit offensive. Good choice Disney… It was getting a bit serious.

5. Pocahontas saves John

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Pocahontas anymore, she became a heroine- saving Johnny Boy from being killed. She then interrupted with a powerful statement and courageously spoke out in front of her father: “I won’t! I love him, father. Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us. This is the path I choose, father. What will yours be?” Gurllll. We’re so proud of you.

Fun fact:

This scene is actually historically correct, and we love Pocahontas even more for it. #GirlPower (Also, Pocahontas’ neck is creeping us out in that GIF, someone get her a brace.)

6. Love at first sight

This scene got us feeling the tingles of love at first sight, and had us all wanting that moment. Pocahontas was totes on the verge of being killed ’cause of Meeko. Curiosity (almost) killed the racoon, amirite?! After following a person who turned out to be John Smith; he, however, was so amazed at her beauty, that all he could do was lower his gun and just gaze at her. #ROMANCE

Fun fact:

We’ve been trying to work out Pocahontas’ skin and hair routine, like, is she the prettiest Disney character?! Maybe. But it all makes sense, because approximately 55 animators were involved in designing her character.

7. Just Around the River Bend – The song that wants you to live a better life.

This song made us view life from a whole other perspective, it really made us want to get our sh*t together. This whole song was an analogy to question what the future has in store. “To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing” (we’re gonna get this tattooed) It’s so relatable- this entire song inspires us to live life on the edge, you know?

Fun fact:

You’re going to be shocked when you hear this. Are you ready? … The song wasn’t immediately liked by the studio executives at Disney. Yeah, we already know what you’re thinking. HOW? This song is so amazing, how can you not like a song that makes you feel like a canoe in a river?

8.  When Pocahontas made a cliff jump look so easy and graceful

Literally 7 minutes into the film we all knew what type of character Pocahontas was when we saw her jump off the cliff as a shortcut home with bestie Nakoma. It’s one of our faves because it shows a confident and strong woman, who isn’t afraid of anything and trusts in all that she does. She looks so care-free, taking life as it comes. Disclaimer: Please don’t try this at your nearest cliff.

Fun Fact:

This film was the first to have an animated Native American protagonist. Yas gurl, you take the lead!

9.  The cute moment John Smith met Meeko

Who doesn’t wanna see a hottie with a pet or showing love to an animal?! That’s why we loved it so much when Johnny Boy met Meeko and gave him a little biscuit. This was riiiight after Meeko played wingman for Pocahontas and John Smith. How cute!

Fun fact:

John Candy was due to voice the character of the turkey ‘Redfeather’, as a side kick for Pocahontas. But when he passed away (R.I.P.), the character was scrapped, along with the whole idea of animals talking at all.

10. Listen with your heart – Best piece of advice

We all have that one person we love taking advice from, and we all felt emotional when Pocahontas turned to her Grandmother Willow – who sang to Pocahontas to trust her own instincts and follow her own path based on her own conditions. Great piece of advice there Granny Willow. Love you.

Fun facts:

The same willow tree was used to give John Smith willow bark to ease the pain. Willow bark contains salicylic acid, the basis of aspirin. Did you know that? Because we didn’t and the smallest details in this film have us amazed.

Same Kocoum, same. We’re going to run to watch Pocahontas as well.