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Pokemon Go at Rooftop Film Club

Unless you’ve been hiding under an Onix or are sleepier than a Snorlax, you’ll probably be aware that a certain game has taken over the world recently. Yes, even Team Rocket and Meowth couldn’t reach the heights that Pokémon Go has over the past week and we’re pretty sure they’ve had something to do with all those server issues…

While the UK have waited patiently all week (honestly, it’s felt like years but it’s finally HERE!) for the app to finally reach our stores, our teams over in the US have been throwing their pokéballs into every corner of our rooftops in order to catch those sneaky creatures. Check out some of the Pokémon you might bump into at our venues below!


Doduo likes to check out what films are showing at our Bushwick venue in Brooklyn




Next time you visit one of our rooftops be sure you check to see what Pokémon are around. If you find one make sure you tweet a screenshot over to @rooftopfilmclub, there may be something in it for you…