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Say Hello to Spirited Mixers

The Spirited Mixers team are a pretty talented bunch. When they’re not serving up some of the best cocktails in London they’re showing off their skills to the masses, and believe us, their skills are insane.

This is Matt, bar flair extraordinaire. When we arrived on the rooftop and asked who had the best bar skills, all fingers pointed to this guy and we can totally understand why.





Oh and this is Neil, Spirited Mixers commander-in-chief. Does he look familiar? You might recognise him from Britain’s Got Talent a few years back. And yes, that is him legit catching a cherry with a toothpick between his teeth. MADNESS.


You can also find Spirited Mixers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as behind the bars at Roof East, Tobacco Dock and the Bussey Building.