The Best Pick-Me-Up of 2021: Cinema Therapy - Rooftop Film Club

The Best Pick-Me-Up of 2021: Cinema Therapy

Just because August is the Sunday of months, doesn’t mean you’re allowed to slack off when it comes to self-care. We had screenings designed to boost your mood, de-stress and empower. Guests slipped into their fave pair of shoes (dancing heels and Minnie Mouse slippers) and met us on the rooftop. We had something special ready.

Not to make the FOMO unbearable or anything, but here’s what we’ve been up to…

Speakers came along and empowered us all

Deborah Frances-White (comedian and host of The Guilty Feminist podcast) and Jessica Regan (actor and film podcast Best Pick) were the perfect double act to give their take on women in movies & this all-time classic Thelma and Louise. Remember ladies, with a little Rust-eze (and an insane amount of luck), you too can become a memorable criminal duo with your bestie. Kaaaa-chow.

Francesca Specter (epic author of Alonement who has written for iconic mags such as British Vogue and Grazia) joined us for a screening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. She gave tips on how best to spend alone time and make sure you’re always moving forward. Proceed with caution though, before you know it you haven’t seen your best friend in 5 years and your family doesn’t recognise you.

The vibes that night were ASTOUNDING and everyone was so uplifted we’re pretty sure 10 people left our audience with a promotion, a new house, and an Olympic medal.

We comforted the heck outta people

Guests who joined us for Amelie and Moonrise Kingdom got the royal treatment. From stress balls available on demand to visits to the relaxation station (the relaxstation, if you will) for a free mini head and hand massage by Secret Spa. We had cosy-smelling incense burning and people were moving like the smoke rising from it – loosey-goosey baby, loosey-goosey.

We got lost in the magic of film

We went on the first spaceship outta here. Not in a Jeff-Bezos-Watched-Wall-E-Too-Many-Times way though, better than that. We transported guests into timeless classics with some extra special intergalactic guests…

and we boosted your mood

People laughed until snot came out of their nose with Bridesmaids, and also offered the feel-good film that made people want to chase every dream 8-year-old you had, with Chef. Are you the type of person who only goes where the food is good? Complimentary Blondies Kitchen cookies were given to every guest who walked through our door (since we love you so much). It was perfect for an instant mood-booster. You’re welcome.


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