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The MDX SAGA collections:
a series of fantastic animated short films


The team at Drive in Film Club are proud to announce that this season, we are supporting @MDX_SAGA – a community that connects animation students and graduates past and present to support and promote their work whilst in University.  Here’s a little more info from the team written by graduate Anayis N. Der Hakopian  one of the group co-founders. 

This curation of animated shorts was put together by graduates Anayis N. Der Hakopian, Stephen Quenet and tutor Osbert Parker. At a time where the majority of graduates in the class of 2020 have had to accept limited online showings and delays in final year grad films due to the coronavirus; we have collaborated with Drive In Film Club to take our curation to the big screen. We hope to entertain and inspire the audience with the world of animation through a wide variety of techniques, showcasing how professional the animations created by our young students and independent animators are. MDX Animation graduates have gone on to work with clients and companies such as BBC Ideas, Netflix, Tiger Aspect and Lupus Films’ on their award winning adaption of the Tiger Who Came to Tea. 

I (Anayis) had a great time planning, arranging and editing the groovy MDX Animation title sequence that plays at the start of each of our screenings. This was a big collaborative effort with our students and graduates, creating these awesomely styled title cards using images from their films and crafting new frames in a very short space of time to bring you something vivid and lively to capture your attention before the animated short films begin. 

It’s important to remember a lot of these projects were mostly created by individuals working hard behind the scenes to craft interesting and developed stories. Even though it’s a shame we can only screen a few third year films from our current class at this time, we have highlighted many great shorts they have created during the duration of their studies in and outside of university. This includes December 2019’s big live client brief with Flintlock Theatre. We had a total of 6 completed 3-4 minute films created in a matter of 2-3 weeks by groups of 4. Our students have developed compelling animated stories to match the testimonies of people from Afro Caribbean and Irish communities. These testimonies are being translated into a play, with the No Dogs shorts created by students touring alongside it as the play makes its way across the UK in 2021. 

These No Dogs shorts cover a number of subjects and narratives from both ethnicities and have been created with a wide range of techniques including live action projection, 2D animation, paper cut-out multiplane animation and stop motion. These shorts aired in the first week of our MDX SAGA’s collaboration screenings, but do keep your eyes peeled for a return in October. 

Our collection of short films includes important messages as well as entertaining subjects such as gritty truths, run over foxes and drunk babies. Each program has been curated to match the films as much as possible with restrictions to keep family friendly films at 2pm and darker films for the evening screenings. This opportunity really brings us closer, and in a way is our own version of a Pixar short airing before a feature film. Either way if you are lucky enough to see any of our collections, we hope you do enjoy the films and don’t forget to use our hashtag #mdxdrivein as well as #driveinfilmclub for us to see your reactions and reflections online. We hope you enjoy the feature films at Alexandra Palace. 

As a new graduate I can’t express how exciting it is to be given the opportunity to put this together, especially during such a difficult time where it can be hard to reach out and showcase films especially to a new audience. Thanks again to Rooftop Film Club for the great opportunity. If you want to know more, drop us an email at [email protected] and check out our social media pages for updates and comments by our animators and directors @mdx_saga and 

 –   Anayis N. Der Hakopian @anayis.siyana 


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