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What You Loved to Love in 2019

2020 has arrived, and with it we’ve got 20/20 vision: we’re seeing everything crystal clear. 2019 was a year full of delicious cocktails, scrumptious street food, the most perfect sunsets, and the people precious to you. That’s what summer is all about. So, while we prepare to bring you everything you deserve for a new season of rooftop screenings, let’s reminisce about what our Rooftoppers couldn’t get enough of last year…

In no particular order:

10 Things I Hate About You

It comes as no surprise that this absolute classic made it to your top 10. It has everything: romance, comedy, cute outfits, a musical number, Heath Ledger. This is one that really tugged at your heart-strings in the summer of 2019. Time might pass, but the warm, fuzzy feels of this Rooftop favourite last forever.

Musical biopics

2019 was epic when it came to telling the beautifully musical story of actual icons David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Our Rooftoppers loved to connect to the music, get the inside scoop on their lives and belt out some of their most iconic bangers at our screenings of Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody under the stars.


Is it really a Rooftop Film Club season without a little animated magic? We kick-started the season with Up, and had you Howling in a Moving Castle with the 4th Story of Toys to keep your Spirits Up, up, and Away! Revisiting childhood favourites and discovering new gems to fuel imagination was one of our Rooftopper’s top choices for films in 2019.

Preview: The Souvenir

One of our favourite screenings this summer. We partnered with Little White Lies to bring you an amazing preview of Joanna Hogg’s masterpiece The Souvenir. We were lucky enough to have this special screening introduced by LWLies Associate Editor (and all-round incredible human being) Hannah Woodhead. The film went on to top the lists of only about a jillion different Best Films of 2019 lists. Yeah. #YouSawItHereFirst, folks!

Scary Sh*t

One thing is for sure: Nobody is as brave as our guests. When it came to screenings like Us, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Midsommar, you stared fear in the eyes and laughed. These spooky stories were no match for our Rooftoppers, and they were loved almost as much as Norman Bates loves his mama.

Julia Roberts

It’s the nation’s favourite smile. The queen of feel-good rom-coms is here and getting the love she deserves. Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and My Best Friend’s Wedding were highlights of your 2019. Whether it was for a girls’ night out, a first date, or the celebration of something amazing — Julia Roberts was your choice female lead.


The vibes on our rooftop… they’re electrifyin’! Our Rooftoppers are second to none when it comes to vibing to iconic musicals. Whether it was Grease, The Greatest Showman, or Bohemian Rhapsody, no note was too high and no lyric was too tricky. Our socks were well and truly rocked off.

A Million Little Pieces

If you missed this life-changing story of someone looking to reinvent themselves, then you must be new here. Dream-boat Aaron Taylor-Johnson definitely gained some fans with this film which took the world by storm. One of our most spark-worthy screenings was an exclusive Member Monday screening of this film. In case you needed a refresher, Member Monday = a free screening just for our wonderful members to enjoy every month!

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Eating Brains

In 2019, zombies SERIOUSLY buttered your eggroll and got you craving brains. This year, we had zombies roaming our rooftops searching for prey and we even got some of our guests zombiefied with FX makeup artists at super special screenings. Danger lurked around every corner with our showings of Shaun of the Dead, Train to Busan, and Zombieland. These screenings weren’t for the light-hearted, but they definitely worked for the empty-headed.

90s Babies

If there’s one thing our Rooftoppers could all agree on, it’s that in 2019, 90s feels were where it was at. From Clueless and East is East to The Iron Giant and Fight Club, it was #throwback central on our rooftops. You were LIVING for these quotable masterpieces, and we were loving sharing those moments with you.

It’s safe to say 2019 had you laughing, crying, and swooning. We’re so grateful we got to spend the summer with you and look forward to meeting you again this year, with even more incredible films and memorable moments. Which 2019 screening was your favourite? What do you want to see on the rooftop in 2020? Let us know and you could catch it against a London sunset this summer. See you soon!


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