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Women in Film You Need To Know

Looking for a new hero to inspire you? We’ve got you covered. This International Women’s Day we’ve put together a list of our new favourite women in film. From actress to writer to director, this is just a helpful reminder that there’s NOTHING women can’t do. Keep an eye on these actual queens, ‘cause they’re out here doing magic…

Radha Blank

Radha Blank really said “What? Like it’s hard?” to writing, directing, producing, AND starring in her first film, The 40-Year-Old Version (a semi-autobiographical film). Hard work has nothing on her. She’s winning awards left-right-and-centre, from Best Screenplay to Best First Film to Outstanding Independent Feature, we seriously can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us. 

Chloe Zhao

Chloé Zhao is another director seriously raising the bar. She has quite literally made history. She is the first Asian woman (and the second woman EVER…) to win Best Director at the Golden Globes. Prejudices prevented her from being able to get proper financial backing, so she took matters into her own hands and showed everyone what she’s made of. Her film Nomadland will forever be an iconic piece of film industry history.

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan has recently won awards for her mind-blowing performance in Promising Young Woman (directed and written by the amazing Emerald Fennell). She plays Cassandra, a young girl seeking revenge on those who left her with a past difficult to accept. She’s been awarded Most Promising Performer, Best Actress, and the International Star Award with so many more nominations in the bag. She went against every obstacle (including her own parents… we can all vibe with that) to be where she is and never gave up on her dream. 

Youn Yuh-Jung

Youn Yuh-Jung has received recognition for her work in Minari, with rumours of potential Oscar nominations. She shows us all that once you’ve found your calling and what brings you happiness, nothing else matters. Despite winning and being nominated for Best Supporting Actress MULTIPLE times, she isn’t in it for the awards. She loves what she does and isn’t that the dream? Follow your passion, y’all.

Ekwa Msangi

Ekwa Msangi is nominated for the Someone to Watch Award, and we couldn’t agree more. She’s the director AND writer of Farewell Amor, and she’s personally giving you the ability to believe in love again. She had grown up without any access to other African filmmakers and took “make your own then” to heart. She is living proof that film is an art without any borders, and we’re so excited to see her bring more thought-provoking and mesmerising films to our screens.

These women are only the icing on a super kick-ass cake. The industry is changing, we’ve been waiting for this moment.