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How To Transfer

How To Transfer

So you want to transfer you ticket? No problem – you’re almost there! Just a few things to be aware of first…

1) The difference between cheaper tickets cannot be refunded, so make sure you’re booking something of the same value! You’ll be charged anything extra for tickets worth more.
2) Missing the transfer window does not make you eligible for a refund.
3) You can transfer right up until the start of the event.

Now that’s out of the way…

1. Click the link below this guide.
2. You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see all of our upcoming films. Click the one you’d like to attend and checkout with your new tickets in your basket.
3. You’ll see that your current booking has been converted into credit, so just fill in your details like before (yep, it’s magic).
4. Your new tickets will be sent to you – you’ve successfully transferred your tickets and we’re so excited to host you!