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The first rule of Rooftop Film Club... bring all your pals to the club. Become a member of the club and, instead of throwing punches in a car park, enjoy EXCLUSIVE & entirely free access to Member Mondays - where you’ll get to be the first to watch a curated selection of new films never-before-seen-on-the-roof.


Iconic Membership: £60 (a saving of £40)

Iconic Membership: £60 (a saving of £40)

For the die-hard rooftop film lover. • TEN tickets at Peckham or Stratford • Bring a pal for free at all Member Monday screenings • Priority booking

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Member Mondays

We reserve Rooftop Film Club 'firsts' for Member Mondays. On the 3rd Monday of every month (with occasional exceptions), we'll programme a film never-before-seen on the roof - and you can be the first to see it in all its rooftop glory. Member Mondays only occur at our Bussey Building, Peckham, venue. They are free for our members and their guest. Non-members, not to worry, you will also be able to book tickets to these events at normal prices!

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