Membership Terms and Conditions - Rooftop Film Club

Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Membership

1.2 The Membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

1.3 The free tickets and discounts can be used across the following cinemas:

The Bussey Building

Roof East

1.4 The free tickets or discount cannot be used for premium-price events such as one-off special events with partners such as special events screenings.

1.5 Where free tickets are used for 3D films, the 3D supplement and cost of 3D glasses will need to be paid.

1.6 When signing up to Membership the Member will be given the option to receive marketing communications from Rooftop Film Club. Please check this box so that we are able to contact you with news and special member events.

2. Application Process

2.1 You may apply for a Rooftop Film Club Membership for yourself or any other person by completing the application form on the Rooftop Film Club website or subscribing at the box office in a Rooftop Film Club venue. By applying for the Membership you are expressly requesting that the Rooftop Film Club annual subscription starts immediately on receipt of the email containing the Membership number details.

2.2 The creation of an agreement between you and Rooftop Film Club will only occur when Rooftop Film Club confirms acceptance of your application and issues details of the Rooftop Film Club Members Membership account. If you have applied online and your application(s) is/are accepted, Rooftop Film Club will send you (or if you are buying for someone else, the Rooftop Film Club Member) an email containing the details of the Membership account.

2.3 You understand that by purchasing a Rooftop Film Club Membership you are committing to pay the full annual subscription fee for the period of 12 months.

2.4 If you pay in accordance with the annual subscription fee, no refund may be given after the fact.

3. Cancellation Rights

3.1 You may cancel the agreement at any time within 3 days from the date your application is accepted and the Rooftop Film Club Member receives their email containing the Membership Confirmation of sign-up.

3.2 To cancel, you will need to contact the Membership by email and let us know of your decision to cancel within the cancellation period.

3.3 You will receive a full refund of any subscription fee paid, although we may choose to deduct any amounts payable for use of the Rooftop Film Club services, in which case the amount refunded will be reduced accordingly.

Rooftop Film Club Membership

4.1 In order to claim the relevant additional discounts and offers referred to below, the Rooftop Film Club Member must give their valid Rooftop Film Club account details at the appropriate Rooftop Film Club Cinema Box Office or ticket and concession stand; or where the relevant discount or offer is available via the Rooftop Film Club website, by inputting the relevant details on the website as directed. The additional discounts and offers made available to holders of Rooftop Film Club Membership are discretionary and may be withdrawn or amended at any time without notice.

4.2 The number, location and opening hours of Rooftop Film Club Cinemas in any area may change during the subscription period. A list of current Rooftop Film Club Cinemas is available from the Rooftop Film Club website and the Membership helpline.

4.3 The Rooftop Film Club Membership is not transferable or for sharing.

Using the Rooftop Film Club Membership benefits

5.1 A valid Rooftop Film Club Membership card entitles the holder to the following free tickets: Rooftop Film Club Classic Membership includes two free tickets; Rooftop Film Club Cult Membership includes four free tickets. Rooftop Film Club Iconic Membership includes 10 free tickets. Free tickets cannot be made valid for after the membership has ended.

Rooftop Film Club Membership free tickets cannot be used for premium events, and a 3D supplement will be payable on any 3D films.

5.2 Memberships give the holder a 10% discount on food and beverages at all venues, subject to exclusions of other promotions and special offers. The discount is for the named Membership cardholder or cardholder only. The discount is not applicable to group bills or party bookings. The manager’s decision is final.

5.3 The Rooftop Film Club Member shall have no preferential rights of access to any screenings, except special screenings organised for Rooftop Film Club Members.

5.4 Rooftop Film Club Members must book their tickets in advance in person at the Rooftop Film Club Cinema for any programmed performances. To use the Rooftop Film Club Membership in the cinema, the Rooftop Film Club Member must present their account details at a Rooftop Film Club Cinema Box Office or ticket and concessions stand. The Rooftop Film Club Membership account data will will be inputted to check its validity, and additional identification may be requested. If the Rooftop Film Club Membership account is validated, the Rooftop Film Club Member will be issued with a ticket for the chosen screening and time, with the relevant discount subject to availability. If the Rooftop Film Club Membership account is not validated, the Rooftop Film Club Member may be advised to contact the Membership helpline.

Payment of annual subscription fees

6.1 The annual subscription renewal fee for each type of Rooftop Film Club Membership card is available from the Rooftop Film Club website, Rooftop Film Club Cinemas and the Membership helpline. The annual subscription fee must be paid in advance. A renewal discount may be applicable if renewal is made prior to the end of the current subscription period.

6.2 Rooftop Film Club reserves the right to increase the annual subscription fee.

Automatic renewal

7.1 The Rooftop Film Club Membership subscription will automatically continue after the first year and the subscription period will be extended for a further year. If the annual subscription charge has increased since the last Direct Debit, or if you are in your first year since initial subscription, you will be notified at least ten days prior to the Direct Debit being taken from your account.

7.2 If you want to change the bank account to be debited, you may log in to update your payment details.

Your Account

8.1 You are required to keep your Rooftop Film Club Membership details secure to protect your details from abuse.

8.2 Any accounts suspected of abuse of these terms will have their memberships revoked without notice. You may still be liable for any monies owed.


9.1 Rooftop Film Club may make minor changes to these conditions from time to time to correct errors, to clarify terms, to comply with any law or regulation that applies to us, or to update the conditions to reflect changes to the way our systems work or enhancements to the Rooftop Film Club Membership scheme. You will not be specifically notified of such changes, but they will be on the Rooftop Film Club website: to see the most up-to-date version of these conditions, please always check the Rooftop Film Club website. No such changes shall disadvantage you or a Rooftop Film Club Member.

9.2 Additionally, Rooftop Film Club reserves the right to make other changes to the conditions by giving you at least one months prior written notice. Any such notification of a change shall be made by contacting you using the details you have provided.

Information Provided

10.1 You confirm that the personal information you provide that identifies you or the Rooftop Film Club Member (including contact information) is accurate and complete, and that you are authorised to provide such personal information. It is your responsibility and the responsibility of the Rooftop Film Club Member to ensure that such personal information is kept up to date, and Rooftop Film Club will not be responsible for matters arising from errors or omissions in personal information at any time. You and the Rooftop Film Club Member may update your own details at any time online via your respective Rooftop Film Club accounts (where the relevant function is available) or by contacting the Membership helpline.

11. Rooftop Film Club venue liability

11.1 Rooftop Film Club Cinemas may be closed on a permanent or temporary basis from time to time, including for refurbishment or due to a force majeure event (as described below). Details of such closures can be found on our social media channels or by calling the Membership helpline.

11.2 Rooftop Film Club will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in performance that is caused by events outside its reasonable control (force majeure events), including any act, event, non-happening, omission or accident which may be due to the following:

11.2.1 Strikes, lockouts or other industrial action

11.2.2 Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war or threat or preparation for war

11.2.3 Fire, explosion, adverse weather, snowfall, ice, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster

11.2.4 Disruption to or failure of the railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport

11.2.5 Disruption to or failure of public or private telecommunications networks, the Internet, utility supplies or postal services

11.2.6 Closure of or limited access to Rooftop Film Club Cinemas on the grounds of Rooftop Film Club Cinemasí reasonable health and safety concerns

11.2.7 Any governmental act, decree, legislation, regulation or restriction

11.3 Rooftop Film Clubís liability for its breach of the agreement is limited to the annual subscription fee.

11.4 If Rooftop Film Club fails to comply with these terms, we are responsible for loss or damage that you or the Rooftop Film Club Member suffers that is a foreseeable result of our breaking this agreement or failing to use reasonable care and skill, but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable either if it is obvious that it will happen or if at the time of your application both you and we knew it might happen.

11.5 Rooftop Film Club does not exclude or restrict its liability for fraud, or for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence or that of its agents, and nothing in this clause shall operate to exclude, restrict or limit this liability.


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